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Premium Quality Loose Absorbents

Loose absorbents are materials that absorb spills and leaks in various industries and applications. They typically come in the form of granules, powders, or other small particles spread over the spill or leak to quickly absorb and contain the liquid. Common loose absorbents include clay, sand, sawdust, and vermiculite.

We provide various types of absorbent granules serving multiple purposes: They can be used in different environments such as automobile workshops, chemical processing units, transportation businesses, and kitchens, helping create a safe and healthy environment for your employees and clients. Check out our range of complete spill kits for greater coverage and more effective containment.

Multipurpose Absorbent Granules

Loose absorbents are available in various types and can contain and absorb spills such as water, chemicals, fuels, oils, lubricants, and other contaminants. It is essential to use the correct type of absorbent for a specific type of spill.

Oil granules are different from those used for absorbing water or chemicals, and loose absorbents used in a laboratory differ entirely from those used in an auto repair workshop. The most useful application of our absorbents is spill containment. Once a spill occurs, the affected area keeps expanding until the spill is contained. When you have our loose absorbents in stock, you can quickly contain the spill and reduce the damage. Talk to our experts to learn which absorbent granules best meet your requirements.

For All the Hard to Reach Places

One of the most significant advantages of using loose absorbents is that they can be used to contain and remove spills from hard-to-reach places, including corners and narrow spaces. For example, oil spill granules can come in handy in automobile workshops, commercial kitchens, and other commercial or industrial settings. They can help remove and contain oil spills that cannot be reached or cleaned easily using conventional methods. This property of absorbent granules makes them an essential item of every commercial, industrial, and even domestic facility, including factories, storage facilities, medical facilities, kitchens, and more.

Rapid Spill Containment

Spills can contaminate and damage the surfaces they are on and must be managed immediately. People can accidentally step on them and hurt themselves.

Absorbent granules are spread over the affected areas and start working immediately by absorbing the spill. The action is rapid and therefore provides an effective way of handling spills. Keeping our absorbents in stock will always benefit you and allow you to protect your work environment and your property. With the right spill kits, accidents can be prevented. Contact us today to learn more about our spill kits and accessories.

How Do Absorbent Granules Work?

  1. Identify the Spill: Before using any absorbent granules, you must determine the type of liquid that has spilt and select a matching absorbent.
  2. Select the Correct Absorbent Granules: Follow the instructions or contact our expert to choose the correct absorbent granules.
  3. Spread the Granules: Sprinkle the absorbent granules over the entire spill.
  4. Allow Absorption: Allow the granules to absorb the liquid for several minutes.
  5. Sweep Up: Once the liquid has been absorbed, use a broom or other tool to sweep up the granules. Place the used granules in a plastic bag for disposal.

Why Choose Us?

  • A wide range of absorbents and spill kits catering to various spills such as oils, chemicals, and fuels.
  • Experienced and authorised suppliers of spill kits and accessories.
  • Wide variety of sizes available for containing spills of different sizes.
  • Premium quality and eco-friendly products.
  • Highly competitive rates in the market.
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